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Welcome to Cortez Mowing & Garden Maintenance, where we make garden maintenance easy and stress-free. We offer a range of garden and lawn care services tailored specifically to your needs, ensuring a healthy and beautiful outdoor space for your property. With our professional execution and attention to detail, we make sure that every part of your garden is tended to with precision and care.

Our team at Cortez Mowing & Garden Maintenance consists of highly skilled and experienced gardeners who are passionate about their work. We have the knowledge, tools and skills to maintain your garden's health, ensuring it thrives year after year. We strive to provide a personalised service that exceeds your expectations with every visit.

Trust us for all your garden maintenance needs and contact us today.



At Cortez Mowing & Garden Maintenance, our mission statement is to "leave you smiling".

Pride in our work is our customer guarantee! Cortez offers services tailored to suit you.

And if you require an ongoing mantaince, Cortez will offer you services exclusive to you.

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